Question OneWhat is the a= series?

Logo of the a= series

The a= series is a new and exciting art-game concept.

The idea behind it is to make unique brand-new one-off games, whether board or card games, into something more than just items that when finished are kept, out of sight, for weeks and months either in or under a cupboard.

Instead, the a= series of new games will use the main game design e.g., the gameboard design to inspire the creation of an art-piece that will house the game and be on display 24/7 as an art-piece, for example, it hangs on the wall like a painting and when desired is taken down and played. When finished it returns to being an art-piece that hangs on the wall.

Though created as a one-off, the purchaser will have the option to keep it as a one-off or commercialize it.

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