Question TwoWho is the Game's Creator?

Pictures of game's designer, while he was young, right now, and in the future...

In my mid-20s I designed several game prototypes. My designs caught the attention of a company based near Ladbroke Grove, London. They showed great interest in my designs and made me feel that I had hit the jackpot! Naively, I did not check those little clauses that allow the unscrupulous to take advantage of the trusting.

A few years later, I created another unique game concept. A British newspaper, The Daily Mirror, appointed one of their journalists, Brian Rimmer, to follow my game story. Unfortunately, I was my own worst enemy and did not work to an implied deadline, I found out the hard way – newspapers do not wait for you!

In 1985 I designed a card game and called it WAI. It was designed specifically to help the Nigerian government promote their War Against Indiscipline programme, branded WAI. I was able to meet Lt Colonel Adedotun Gbadebo, who was third from the top in the government. He agreed that my game ‘WAI’ was perfect for their national campaign. He set the wheels in motion and I received official government support and endorsement. The launch date for the national rollout of the game was 1st October 1985, Nigeria’s Independence Day. Unfortunately, a few months before the launch, the government was overthrown by a military coup. Guess what the new military leaders thought of my WAI card game? Especially as my game may have played a small part in their decision on when to launch the coup. You can read the full story on ‘WAI’ and its possible contribution to the coup date in this article.

Moving on, I designed a new game. The concept behind this game was drawn partly from my experience with The Daily Mirror. The new game – which I called FM – caught the interest of a man who claimed to have been involved in creating Argos – a well-known British retail company, with branches in most UK high streets. I never took the time to verify his claim, but I could see he understood the retail market very well. With his involvement, a wealthy uncle provided the start-up costs. Again, I blew it! I found myself spending too much time with one of my uncle’s lady friends, although, in my defence, those interactions were orchestrated mainly by her. My actions were always innocent, but I am sure you can guess what happened when my uncle found out? We will say no more.

Today, based on my experience with the Daily Mirror, I have created two new one-off games a=t and a=i. The first to go on sale will be a=t, after it is sold I will put a=i up for purchase.

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