Question ThreeRules Of Engagement For The Designer

How the a= Art-Game Series Must be Created and Constructed
Man holding scroll of rules

Just as a game has rules, so too does the creation of one of my one-off game constructs. I call them rules of engagement.

My art-game construct Rules of Engagement are:

  1. A new game must be invented and created first. Then any art piece created within the a= game series must be inspired, designed, and created based only on the basic game design, for example a new game board design. The test that shows that this rule has been applied is if, on using tracing paper, a tracing of the art design Is placed over, for example the game-board, it will blend in and disappear without a trace.
  2. Any art-game construct must only be 98/99% completed to enable a purchaser of the construct to enjoy the experience of adding their personal input and contribution; and turn the 98/99%% completion of the art- game construct into a 100% completion.

Today, based on my experience with the Daily Mirror, I have created two new one-off games a=t and a=i. The first to go on sale will be a=t, after it is sold I will put a=i up for purchase.

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