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OneOffGames a=t: Terms & Conditions License Agreement
I am John Carter, a sole trader operating under the name OneOffGames and I own and operate the website oneoffgames.shop. I live at 19 The Dene, BN2 7HA, in the Brighton area of the UK (United Kingdom). Below are my Terms and Conditions which includes a licence-of-use for the buyer of my design a=t only. The T&Cs tell you what I do and how I do it and how you can participate in it. By using my site, and NFT platforms containing direct links to my website you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions, and the referenced policies, and that you agree to strictly abide by them.
By using my site, and NFT platforms containing direct links to my website you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions, and the referenced policies, and that you agree to strictly abide by them.
T&Cs last modified: 1st of February, 2022

What the website oneoffgames.shop offers users of the website

opportunities to learn about new original oneoffgames which are housed inside oneoffartpieces designed by me or in very rare cases in collaboration with other third-party designers. In most cases the designs will be made available to a buyer in two ways a/ through an NFT platform and/or direct through my PayPal account. In all cases a sale will include a licence providing the buyer with some commercial rights.

Terminologies used in this T&C License Agreement

  • Grantor – refers to the designer and copyright owner of the design/s being offered
  • Grantee – refers to the purchaser of the design being offered.
  • NDA – refers to the optional layer of exclusivity that the Grantee can utilize to increase the future potential investment value of a=t.
  • NFT – refers to the Non-Fungible Token element of the Design on offer.
  • Works – refers to all elements digital, physical, audio that may be offered together with the NFT a=t as part of the whole deal/package/bundle being sold to the buyer of the NFT a=t.

Grant of Rights, Limitations, and Warranties:

  1. The Grantor and Copyright Owner of the Works remains the copyright owner unless and until the Grantor sells or transfers Copyright ownership. The Grantee is not receiving Copyright ownership of the Works but is receiving certain limited rights in the Works as set forth herein.
  2. Upon confirmation of the NFT purchase on the blockchain, Buyer becomes the Grantee and immediately receives a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable license to the Works as set forth herein, for the period the Grantee owns the NFT.
  3. Grantee is granted the right to use, display the Works and sell the Grantee to a third party. Whereby the new buyer will become the new Grantee.
  4. Grantee may not modify the works, create derivative works, or transform the Works except in the following ways: when printing the 3D file for the Works which are part of the NFT a=t design under license, the Grantor may select, which colours, and materials should be used in printing the 3D construct of a=t. The overall dimensions contained in the 3D file may not be changed, or altered.
  5. Grantee can, if the Grantee chooses to, utilize the a=t NDA Form to control the number of persons who are given access to how the game part of the a=t construct works and/or its Rules of Play.
  6. Grantee MAY make commercial use of the Works in the following ways: the Grantee can produce in commercial quantity for commercial sale to the public a version of a=t in a material and in a manner other than by 3D printing.
  7. Grantee MAY NOT sell or assign any rights or permissions of singular components that make up a=t i.e. the lid top, the box, the discs, the ‘rules-NDA-and-license’ independently of all the other components that were part of the original a=t offer; a=t should always be sold on or assigned as a 4-part composite item and never sold, assigned, gifted or disposed of in any way as singular items, e.g. just the discs or just the NDA.
  8. If the Grantee makes use of the clause immediately before this clause, then the Grantee will arrange to pay the Grantor a 5% gross commission per annum as payment for the use of the above clause referenced in this licence.
  9. Grantee will notify in writing details of the sales made upon which the 5% commission payment is based upon and send such information by email to john.carter@oneoffgames.shop or to any email associated directly with www.oneoffgames.shop.
  10. Grantee will pay into my/John Carter’s (the original Grantor) Paypal account or if preferred my/John Carter’s crypto wallet. The PayPal details are pay.me@oneoffgames My/John Carter’s crypto wallet address is 0xd8ff9594cb12baac0863eac045dad033d5b426a9
  11. Grantee MAY NOT use the Works in any way which associates the Works with hatred, intolerance, violence, cruelty, or otherwise infringes upon the rights of others.
  12. Any exercise of right granted hereunder requires attribution to the Copyright Owner and the Creator/Designer (John Carter) of a=t if one or the other is listed in the NFT sale details where reasonably possible.
  13. Grantee shall not challenge Grantor/John Carter’s/Licensor’s copyright ownership of the Works.
  14. The NFT owner warrants he/she/they are authorized to license the Works consistent with and at no time in contradiction with these Terms and Conditions.
  15. Grantee may contact the Grantor if Grantee wishes to obtain rights not otherwise included herein. Any further grant of rights shall be in writing and evidenced by a further NFT, or signed documents, agreed to by all parties.
  16. Any infringement of the permissions granted by way of this license will result in the revoking of this license and give the right for the Grantor, to seek damages and recovery of monies generated after the date that the infringement by the then revoked licensed Grantee of a=t can be established and determined by the court or an agreed mediation body, to be returned to the Grantor.
  17. This License only addresses the rights to the Works attached to the NFT transaction, not the NFT itself. There may be additional terms on the NFT listing page. To the extent there is a direct conflict, the NFT sale/listing page shall control.
  18. To determine which version of this license applies to your a=t purchase, compare the timestamp to the version date of this page.
  19. The details contained in this license can only be altered or modified by the Grantor.
I John Carter and the Grantor am grateful to the Creative Commons License titled "Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 and https://www.traverselegal.com/blockchain-attorneys/ who provided me with the template upon which this licence has been created.
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